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Singles & Doubles Ladders & Tournaments

From June to August, players who have signed up for the ladders challenge each other to matches (best of 3 sets) in an effort to “move up the ladder.”  There are singles and doubles ladders, and at the end of each season we have tournaments to determine who the club singles and doubles champions are. Good luck everyone! (Contact Jonas Z. if you’d like more info or would like to join the ladders.)

2021 Ladder Rules & Rankings *current as of July 5*

  • Players may challenge those who are in the next 3 spots above their own position on the ladder (NOTE: from July 12-19 only, players may challenge up to 5 spots above their position on the ladder).
  • Players can’t play/challenge the same players twice in a row
  • Matches are best-of-three sets
  • Please don’t schedule ladder matches during club Organized Play times, which are: Tues/Thurs 5-8pm; Wed 530-8pm, Sat 10am-1230pm
  • If the challenging player/team wins, they take the spot of the losing player/team on the ladder; the losing player/team then moves down one spot
  • If the challenging player loses, there is no change to either players’ position on the ladder.
  • Both players bring a new can of balls; use the challenger’s balls for the match; winner of the match takes home the unopened can of balls. 
  • Report ladder match results to Jonas Z. (text/email) as soon as possible after your match so ladders can be kept up to date

Singles Ladder Rankings

  1. Bruce
  2. Jonas
  3. Peter
  4. JJ
  5. Louis
  6. Christian
  7. Matt
  8. Ernesto
  9. James
  10. Amir
  11. Johnny
  12. Scott
  13. Mike E.
  14. Jeremy
  15. Jose
  16. Darren
  17. Grant
  18. Steve L.
  19. Jordan
  20. Lorne
  21. Frank

Doubles Ladder Rankings

  1. Mike S. & Peter
  2. Bruce & JJ
  3. Gary & Brad
  4. Jonas & Darren
  5. Christian & Steve V.
  6. Greg & Waldo
  7. James & Mike E.
  8. Johnny & Denise
  9. Jeremy & Scott B.
  10. Tor & Lito 
  11. Jim & Steve L.
  12. Joe & Al
  13. Amir & Ellen
  14. Frank & Richard
  15. Grant & Wes

NOTE: Red font = player is away (frozen from ladder competition)
** = injured player

Year-End Tournament Winners

LTC 2020 Singles Champion Mike S.
LTC 2020 Doubles Champions JJ A. & Mike S.


Year-End Singles Champions

Year-End Doubles Champions

2020 Mike S. JJ A. & Mike S.
2019 Bruce M. (A Singles) Gary P. & Greg T. (A Doubles)
2019 James M. (B Singles) James M. & Al O. (B Doubles)
2018 Bruce M. (A Singles) Bruce M. & Peter Z. (A Doubles)
2018 Rob S. (B Singles) Tor S. & Christian Z. (B Doubles)

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